Daily Oral Care for People with Dentures

oral careOral Care

You might think it would be easier to keep your mouth healthy with fewer teeth, or even no teeth, but that isn’t always true.

Daily oral care is just as important for people who have experienced tooth loss. Here are some steps you should follow to keep your mouth clean and gums healthy, especially if you use dentures.

Healthy Nighttime Denture Routine

  1. Remove your dentures. Always remove your full or partial dentures before going to bed. This will give your gum tissue a break and time to heal if it needs it. If you wear your dentures all the time and don’t remove them, they will irritate your gums and they may become bright red and sore.
  2. Soak/clean your dentures. To help remove the germs that have built up throughout the day, you should soak the dentures in room-temperature or warm (not hot) water with an effervescent tablet for cleaning dentures. Soaking with the effervescent tablet is gentle on dentures and will clean them, while also removing stain and food particles.
  3. Clean your mouth and gums. After you have removed your dentures and put them to soak, take a wet washcloth and wipe your gums where the dentures normally rest. This will remove food, denture adhesive, and bacteria. You may also choose to use a non-alcoholic mouth rinse to freshen breath and help kill bacteria.

Your mouth is both dark and moist, making it a perfect place for bacteria to multiply. By removing your dentures, cleaning them and your gums daily, your mouth and tissue will stay healthier.

Cleaning Your Dentures

In addition to soaking your dentures with an effervescent tablet, you may also clean your dentures with a non-abrasive cleanser (hand soap) and a soft toothbrush. Do not use toothpaste or abrasive cleaner on dentures because it can create tiny scratches that trap bacteria.

After you have cleaned and stored your dentures overnight, simply rinse them off the next morning before putting them in and begin your day!

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